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On Easter of 2018 my time as Interim Fresh Start Worship Lead at FBC Decatur (CBF) came to close. I am thankful for my time there and proud of what was accomplished by myself and my talented worship team.  

I now work as a staff researcher at Mercer University's Center for Theology and Public Life.  I am still teaching music lessons and am still invested in the Church.  This means that for the first time in a long time, I am not doing any paid church music.  

So, the focus of this blog will shift again, I will share insights, memories, and general thoughts on leadership and worship on this page, as I continue to join y'all in the work of leading the Church to engage in worship.

Grace and Peace, 

Rev. Jeremy Hall 

April 15, 2018


In June of 2017 I concluded my time as the Youth Minister (Nov 2014- June 2017)

and Director of Contemporary Music at Clairmont Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Ga (May 2016- March 2017).

As the Interim of this older congregation I was responsible for much of what went on in their blended worship service.  In this blog I have been trying to share with you some of the ideas that went over well in our Sunday worship services, how we pitched, practiced, and presented these ideas to our congregation which was sometimes timid towards change and new things.

I left CPC in June and started as the Interim worship leader of First Baptist Church Decatur’s contemporary “FreshStart” worship service in July.  This is a very different environment.  

Here are some of the factors that define my leadership in this service at FBC...


  • Modern Worship Service: FreshStart is not a blended service, it is a fully contemporary service offered in a space intended for this service.  Low lights, proper stage, dual projection, casual, loud service.

  • Large Band Roster: I have a growing list of ~20 band members to pull from, the majority of which play at a very high level and are ready to explore new things.

  • Leadership: The leadership of FBC is ready to do what it takes to go to the next level and have given me the tools to empower a change in the program.

  • History: This service has been ongoing since 2007, they have had only a few leaders during that time.  Each of them have left an impressive legacy and a strong foundation for my term as the interim leader of this service. I am thankful for the history of good, faithful, and talented leadership.

  • Freedom: I have relatively total freedom over the music and artistic elements of the “FreshStart” service.  I have been given 3 parameters… Make it loud, Make it energetic, Unleash the musicians.   


These factors mean that the function of this blog will be changing, from how to lead and survive in a blended situation to how to lead and innovate in a modern setting.  I will be sharing some of our attempts at creativity and original arrangements that we use in the service.


Thank you for going on this journey with me.  

Grace and Peace, 

Rev. Jeremy Hall

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