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This project is a dialectic, a conversation.  In the study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his writing, in this study I noticed some connections between his and Søren Kierkegaard's thinking about how people become persons... how humans become individuals. Here I have endeavored to put the two of them into dialog with each other.  You can read these essays on their own, as a monologue (reading all of one voice at a time), or as a dialectic.  It is undeniable that these two thinkers could have been friends, and disappointing that both died so young.  I hope that you find this conversation enlightening, uplifting, challenging, and provocative, in that is should provoke you to seek for yourself true individuality. 

This is only Chapter One of what I suspect will be a 4 part work.  Subjects of discussion to come include: Romance, Grace, and Ethics.

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