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Constructing Medley's

(Made using

Today's (Jan1) sermon was built arround the theme of growth, with a sermon title of "One To Grow On" (I made the sermon slide shown above with the use of Earlier in the week the senior Pastor asked if I could design a medley of worship songs arround the theme of growth... I said yes.

So I take a look at our bank of songs (make sure you are keeping an organized collection of the songs you, your band, and your congregation know... these three lists will normally be different.) and see that we don't really have any songs explicitly about growth, making it hard to produce a medley.

So I blended three songs from those three lists... A song the band knows well, with a song that I know and love, and a song that I know the congregation knows but hasn't been played in forever that the band didn't know.


When I endeavour to group songs together there are a few things I take into consideration...

1.) Key! (obvious right, the songs should be in the same key, unless you want to build in a more difficult key change, though I don't recommend attempting this for a congregational piece.

2.) Chord progression: take a look at how I transition between songs, I set up the move from "My Story" to "Tree" by using a brief instrumental interlude where I reverse the chord order to set up the pick-up for the verse of "Tree."

3.) Theme and Intentionality: Don't just throw things together... In this medley I designed a progression arround the theme of growth, and ordered the songs to present a narrative - God is our story, Jesus is our strength, so I want to be like a tree planted in God, Let it rain so that I can grow! That is my story.

4.) Transitions: Don't force anything, LET the songs flow into each other. Leading practice on medleys like this, I give an explanation of the reason behind the arrangement to the band, explain what part of each song they need to know, and prep them in detail on how each transition will work.

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