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Christmas Worship Mash-ups

For the season of advent I wanted to provide the congregation with the type of worship experience they are familiar with - the kind they have learned how to worship in, while at the same time bringing in some of the classic Christmas carols that the Church has been singing for the last half of forever.

I have taken a three tiered approach to designing these services…

First, attention is given to how the services are structured. Advent specific moments happen early so we can give them special attention and not disrupt the “block” of music in the middle of the service.

Second, we are playing classic Christmas carols, some in their original arrangements and others reworked as pop-songs, as well as modern worship songs that the congregation is accustomed to.

Third, I have arranged ways to shorten a few of our congregation’s favorites and blend them with traditional Christmas carols. [Samples below]

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