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Blending "Secular" & "Sacred" Songs

The two pages attached to this post are from a Youth Worship service on the Revelation letter to the Church at Thyatira. The theme that I was extrapolating from the passage had to do with the idea of "calling."

- What does it mean to be called to something?

-What Does it mean for a community to be called?

-What might Jesus be calling you to?

-What might Jesus be calling this Church to do?

We discussed how God empowers and equips us to do the things that God may be calling us to, and how that same God supports us in the struggle to live up to our calling (to change the world). So I was looking to tie it all together in our time of worship together. So I sat down with my guitar and began to play the first thing that came to my mind, which was U2's 2004 song "Yahweh." Playing in the key of E, I looked for another less metaphor heavy song to draw in younger thinkers, I found my way to Brandon Heath's "Give me your eyes." With these two songs connected I wanted to wrap it up with a repeating chorus that we could unite behind as a community. After some time, I came to X-Ambassador's "Hold on to me."

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