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The Spirit and the Muse

This coming Sunday we will be ordaining and installing our new class of Elders. For the occasion I went searching for songs about calling or decisions. I stumbled upon I Have Decided To Follow Jesus as a good option, and while playing through a few arrangements of the piece in a few different styles, my mind drifted in worship and I started playing Sanctuary . When I realized that I had switched seamlessly into another song I thought to myself,

"hey, that's cool, how did I do that?"

Once I figured it out I mapped it out and sent it to the band with some notes on how the two fit together.

Whenever you are designing a worship service, make sure to spend time in worship as you work...

By inviting the Holy Spirit into that time of worship with the music you will be bringing to the congregation you free up the spirit to act as your muse and show you new things.

(I made this sermon cover slide for the service with

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